Friday, January 25, 2013

Forced family FUN

Probably wondering why it is called forced family fun day....well we had only 2 that wanted to do something and 2 that were being butts. So I made an executive decision and forced everyone to go to Hukilau Beach. As you can see once we got there everyone had a great time and now say we have to go every Saturday for Family Fun!! So something worked, and I will take it while I can get it
 This is probably my favorite picture so far-you can actually see Jake's real smile and not the fake one he always does
 The boys got footballs for Christmas and he has been the greatest thing. We love to take it to the beach and they love to play football and monkey in the middle on the beach.
 This picture is just funny.....the waves were a little big so where the waves crashed it was a little sandy so here Jake is trying to dig the sand out of his shorts
 Crazy little dude
 Gotta love the sand in places it shouldn't be
 I caught Jon going down a good wave...we need new boogie boards, we just bought the cheap ones and they broke in the middle

 Sand, surf and sun
 We take a lot of stuff to the beach-boogie boards, sand toys, chairs, towels, camera oh and kids

 Hopefully I will get better at taking landscape pictures since I got the new camera-which both Jon and I are in love with
 I love that my kids have gotten so comfortable in the water and love to be together. They can fight all day long and then we go to the beach and they are the best of friends

I am sure there will be more "forced" family fun days to come. Just at different beaches!!!

SpRIt wEEk

Spirit week at school has always been one of my kids favorite weeks. This is was no different, although I only had two that really got into it and I think you will be able to tell which 2
this is kind of hard to tell but this day was inside out day. He even did his LEVI shorts inside out. Kind of tricky to do up a zipper, but we managed it somehow
 Pajama day-Bailee is the only one that ACTUALLY wore pajamas. Truthfully they really do just sleep in shorts and a t-shirt, not that easy to really find cute short pj sets. Believe I searched
 Sports day-Curtis again did it all, baseball shirt, hat, pants and socks! His moto-go big or go home
 This is the reason we let our hair grow out-this day was CraZY hAiR/Nerd Day haven't decided which Curtis really did-hehee
lets just say that this hairdo drove his dad crazy!!
 It was pretty cool

 What a cute little nerd....she even had to borrow her brothers church shirt, her capris with socks (ya know to make it look like her pants were to short). You can't tell with her hair but it is one high piggy and one low piggy. That morning she asked me for a pair of suspenders-who does she think I am??
 The other 2 didn't want to do anything but still wanted their picture taken
All in all-it was a very good week

Friday, January 11, 2013

Baseball in January!?!

Well the celebrations are over and it is time for us to head back to Hawaii-it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be to have to say goodbye again. We all handled it way better than we did the first time
 We made it back to the warm weather all 4 kids and 7 suitcases and 3 bins later.
 Let the T-ball games begin
This is Jake's first year to be able to play sports and he was really excited to play in his first game. To bad the weather didn't cooperate and the game was canceled, but we still have the opening ceremonies (in the rain) and pictures
 This team is co-ed a little different, not what we are used to but it is only t-ball so not a big deal
 What a little stud-he has waited along time for this
 Our game wasn't supposed to start until 10:45 and we had to be to the ballpark by 8:30 for the opening ceremonies. So we just played around until we were supposed to play, but the rain didn't want to stop and the field was VERY muddy so they canceled. We would have gone home but that would of required driving back a 1/2 hour and it just wasn't worth it

 Can't ask for a more beautiful place to play.....and we are playing baseball in January!! 
There will be a lot more pictures to come-when he actually gets to play. Curtis and Bailee are looking forward to getting to start playing in March sometime, we have signups the end of January for them!!

The Big Day.....

The big day has finally arrived and we even got a white christmas. We were all pretty excited about that.
Well this is the loot that we got and yes I was able to get it all back to Hawaii. It just took 3 bins and 7 suitcases to do it.
This is Curtis' pile, he got what he wanted-lots of nerf guns
 Jake's pile-as you can see we got a lot of nerf guns
 Kenadee's pile-that box is a bunk bed for her dolls
 Bailee's pile-she got what she has been asking for for the last 2 years. Ipod touch-yippee
 Mom and Dad's loot-we got a new camera and lots more puzzles for me, yay!!
 Love to see them happy, it totally makes my Christmas
 I didn't want to bring these gifts so I took a pic. They each got a nice snorkeling set so that we can all go to Sharks Cove and snorkel together
 Legos and more legos
 Hawaiian dresses
 More lego sets, its what she loves
 Kenadee wanted a ukela and she wanted it pink!
 Both boys wanted an army play set and I happened to find them, both were very happy about that
 Webster Dinner
 and Nativity, they just keep getting cuter and cuter (I know it's not a word, but I don't care)
 I had never heard of these little stuffed animals but my sister gave each of the nieces and nephews one and they are so cute
 My nephew Cohen, I gave him this mask and he looks so cute in it I had to have a picture

 This was probably the funniest gift that was given. My mom gave it to Hunter (nephew) and so of course all the kids wanted to put it on. So under this horse head is my baby Jake
 Grandpa (my dad)
 All of us kids decided to give mom and dad an apple TV and they seemed pretty happy with it, and to be honest so are we!
All in all it was a great Christmas break, we saw family and friends and loved every minute of it. IT was hard to say goodbye to everyone, but it really is family that is the most important. The presents are fun but it was being with all our family and friends that made this Christmas so much more for us.